Bet basketball Teasers At Bovada Sportsbook

Betting Basketball Teasers - Strategy For Leveraging Basketball Teaser Bets

When you bet teasers online, you are combining multiple wagers into a single bet. And basketball teasers allow you to predict the outcome for usually 2 to 11 teams, while also "teasing" the points total or spread in a favorable direction. Just remember that sportsbooks make up for letting you manipulate the line by delivering a lower payout than if you were making a parlay bet on the same number of teams. It is important to understand the specifics of the teaser odds and rules at any sportsbook at which you are betting. But since this is such an attractive bet for the savvy gambler, it does have its place in an intelligent betting strategy. The most common options include basketball and football teasers. Let's look at how to bet NBA and NCAA basketball teasers.

NBA Basketball Teasers

You will generally use a teaser bet when you want to place a wager on games which are too close to call. In NBA action, perhaps you believe the New York Knicks will beat the Cleveland Cavaliers, and New York is a 4 point favorite. You likewise believe that the Los Angeles Lakers will beat the San Antonio Spurs, and LA is favored by 6 points. If you find a sportsbook paying out 11 to 10 on a two team, 4 point basketball teaser, here is what would happen. You can move the point spread in each of those games by four points in any direction, meaning that you would now have the Knickerbockers as a pick 'em play against Cleveland, and your Lakers would be laying only 2 points against the Spurs. The above example would pay $100 on a $110 bet. You can also bet on the total number of points scored, and mix and match spread and totals bets when you bet basketball teasers online.

NCAA College Basketball Teasers

One important thing to remember is that many legitimate and legally licensed Internet sportsbooks will differ from one site to the next. Some will declare a push (no money lost) when one of your teaser wagers ends up as a tie, and some sites will declare that a loss on your part. And as far as NCAA basketball betting goes, the typical 4, 4.5 and 5 point teasers are generally offered. Assume the Duke Blue Devils and Kentucky Wildcats are showing an over/under of 157, and Michigan is favored by 4 points over Ohio State. If you were to play a two team, 5 point teaser, you could move the total of the Duke - Kentucky game to either 152 or 162 points, and have Michigan getting 1 point or OSU getting 9, whichever you prefer. In this situation you can expect a payout of somewhere around 13 to 10 when both sides of your teaser bet wins, meaning a $100 win on a $130 wager.

Top Sportsbooks With The Best NBA and NCAAB Basketball Teaser Odds And Payouts

Sportsbook Name Basketball Teaser Odds Bonus USA
Bovada Sportsbook 2 Teams 4.5 Points -110
3 Teams 4.5 Points +130
4 Teams 4.5 Points +200
50% Max $250 Yes
Betonline Sportsbook 2 Teams 4.5 Points -120
3 Teams 4.5 Points +150
4 Teams 4.5 Points +200
25% On Every Deposit Yes 2 Teams 4.5 Points -120
3 Teams 4.5 Points +150
4 Teams 4.5 Points +200
25% On Every Deposit Yes
Bookmaker 2 Teams 4.5 Points -130
3 Teams 4.5 Points +110
4 Teams 4.5 Points +200
20% Max $2500 Yes